bookWelcome to “BASH,” the Bay Area State Hospital where strange events lead to an even stranger investigation.

Barbed wire fences are not the only barriers between mental patients with a history of crimes, and a return to wellness and freedom. There are the drug dealers, bullies, an entrenched bureaucracy, a convoluted legal system, and a staff of caring but overwhelmed workers unable to fully do their jobs.

Gulf War veteran and newspaper publisher, Ash Roper, at the invitation of Security Chief Lyle Dawkins, makes an undercover foray into the belly of the beast. Because of unforeseen circumstances, a one-day investigation turns into a nightmare of mistaken identity and shocking discoveries. The lawyers, detectives, and Ash’s headstrong wife come together to battle the system.

Hard drinking, blues playing psychiatrist, Dr. Patrick Michael Kerrigan, whose cynicism cloaks a sympathetic heart, comes to the aid of Ash. Kerrigan recounts what occurs during that eventful July Fourth week, when the heat bears down equally on those inside and outside the confines of BASH. This edgy, thrilling novel, inspired by today’s headlines, will entertain and enlighten readers